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The goal of the XQL (eXtended Query Language) project is to provide a simple document management system. It manages mainly of objects (representing documents) with versions, lifecycles, access rights and coherently attached files (the actual documents).
For convenience, the objects are stored in a relational database, whereas the files are stored in ftp urls. This combines a maximum of controlled access with the ease of storing files in ftp locations.

This package may be used by small office and home users. Actually, it was triggered by the demand of our small home office to store documents in a well structured way, and due to my experiences with PDM/EDM systems.

Currently, the software is layed out as a dynamic library libxql.so, a small command line interface (xql) and a graphical KDE based interface (kxql). A python interface is on its way. Other interfaces (web, etc.) should follow.

For information on the library, please have a look at the
user handbook
and the
api handbook

The application follows this design. Today (V 0.1), basic ftp-functions are provided.

architecture of xql components

Please be patient with downloads... we're in the mid of ugly development today. Nothing really works ;-) (09/10/02)


Thanks to sourceforge.net to host my project.

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